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Hey guys [Feb. 27th, 2007|11:46 am]
The New Bible Project
[mood |creative]

Some of you might remember me from write_away. Here's something I wrote last night. It's a little different from the stuff I've been writing. I like to experiment some.

Something isn’t right. You don’t know what it is, but you can sense it. There’s just something out of the ordinary, something out of place. This feeling comes to you in the midst of the most absurd situation. For example, you’re in your high school’s hall. You pass by your friends and enemies, some you haven’t seen for years. The bell rings, and every one runs to class. You’re alone, walking down an endless hallway. You feel as though you’re the only human that survived the apocalypse. But that doesn’t bother you. You’ve suddenly realized you don’t know what your first class is! Damn, I forgot the schedule, you say to yourself.

But you graduated high school five years ago. Then it hits you: you’re in a dream!

You scream Wake up! You try to force your eyelids open, but they’re stuck together. You focus all your strength on opening your eyes. They only open a crack, and you can’t see anything. You toss and turn in your bed, reaching out for something. What is it? You sleep alone, so there’s no one sleeping beside you that can help you. Come on, wake up! Wake up!

It’s no use. You fall back into your bed, and surrender to the dream. From being lost in high school, the dream takes you to your old grandmother’s house. It’s your home, even though you haven’t live there in five years. You’re in your old bathroom, masturbating, feeling the plush carpet under your bare toes. When you come, it’s such a rush you even forget you’re dreaming. It’s the best jerk you’ve hard in quite a while.

After you clean up, you look out the dining room window at your old neighborhood. Nothing much is different, except that there’s a strange yellow man with a black hat walking down the road. Your heart starts racing as you realize it’s the evil Mr. Baddus (who only exists in your dreams), and he’s turning. In. To. Your. Driveway.

Your cousin Gina’s there, and she rushes you to your room in the basement. You’ve got to prepare yourself for him. She tells you to burn your finger on the lamp. You keep asking her to repeat it, because it sounds so absurd. Finally you do it, but it doesn’t hurt. Then her mother says it’s time for her to go. You have to face him alone now. You’ve got to think of something.

Slowly you creep out of your room. The basement’s dark, except for you mother’s night light which only faintly illuminates the room. Suddenly a cat jumps by your feet. You turn to look, and the cat’s backing up, wiggling his tail, ready to pounce. You don’t know why, but you turn on a light.

And there, where the cat used to be, is just a black glove. You pick it up, and you remember that you're dreamign again. You don't want to see how this all ends, so you once again scream Wake up!

And you do. You’re back in your room. It’s the same room you were in before you fell asleep. The noise machine is humming as usual. You start thinking about that Radiohead song, “Everything’s In Its Right Place.” You’re bladder’s hurting, so you get up to take a piss real quick. When you get back to bed, you thank God it was just a dream, and then fall asleep again, waiting for the next dream to take you away.

[User Picture]From: eunuch_dreams
2007-02-28 10:26 am (UTC)
Sorry about it being moderated for some reason, Travis. I'm trying to get that off.

I like the intimacy of this piece. You have a distinctive style, in which you make stories out of (seemingly) your own life, and give them a fictional feel, something which of course a dream suggests itself in.

I like the recurring theme of remembering it's a dream, looking for the gaps in logic. This is a really good submission: it will also be interesting juxtaposing it with the levels of reality in other submissions. Great work!




*every one runs to class = everyone

*you've hard in quite a while = had

"he’s turning. In. To. Your. Driveway." There are other ways of conveying the dread of this without fullstops, I feel?

*you mother's night light = your

*you're dreamign again = dreaming

*you're bladder's hurting = your
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