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Fragments 20.5.07 [May. 20th, 2007|05:36 am]
The New Bible Project




[A man, JOHN waltzes with his a partner, unseen, his face in ECU and the background lurching round behind it. A record player plays Liszt's "Mephisto" waltz in the background]

JOHN: You dance so beautifully! You're really putting me to shame - whoops, sorry about the foot - [laughing] let's sit down a minute, I've completely lost track.

[The camera frames him looking into negative space - the person who he is talking to, and evidently must be sitting close to - is cut off, so that we see what is behind him but not in front]

JOHN: I've always wanted to find a dancing-partner like yourself. Even if I do find you a bit - distracting - I find we complement each others' styles really well. Why not stay a bit longer?

[CU of the record, which had just began to play, spinning round and round having long finished]


[A young woman, "LOVE", walks along the street, slowing as she reaches an apartment]

SARCASTIC BIG-ISSUE SELLER: Join the queue ... Get 'em while they last ... Big issue, madam?

LOVE [blushes]: No, thanks, I've already got one.

[she enters the apartment]


JOHN: Hello, love, how was your day?

LOVE: Not bad ... That Big Issue seller that seems to reside outside our flat is starting to annoy me though ...

JOHN: I know what you mean. Are we still on for my cousin's wedding next week?

LOVE: Oh, your cousin-who-you-recently told-me-is-a-contract-killer, that cousin? No, thanks.

JOHN: Look, I told you about his work because I thought you'd find it interesting. You couldn't tell it from talking to him.

LOVE: He wouldn't be a very good contract killer if you could. [mimics camp waiter] 'Do you want a coffee?' [mimics low, growling voice] Only if it's the colour of THE CORPSES I DISMEMBER'.

JOHN: Oh come on - hang on, that's my phone going. Sorry, love, won't be a minute. [talks into phone] You alright, mate? Sure, I'm still coming down the pub tonight, yeah ... you still on your way back from the office? ... I can't hear you mate - listen, I'll catch you laters, yeah?'

LOVE: Who was that?

JOHN: Jim.

LOVE: Oh. You see Jim all the time; he's a good mate of yours, and I'd like to meet him.

JOHN: Well, it's all talk about work. We're not really that good mates.

LOVE: You must be good mates, if talking to him can give you a massive boner.

JOHN: What? Nah, nah, [LOVE leaves the room] it's not what you think - look, it was you, it was my excitement at your getting home -
[he runs after her.]

Scene 3


[User Picture]From: cristyissues
2007-05-22 02:01 pm (UTC)
Oh... I think I am blushing. This was very interesting to read, I hope there is more, I would like to know how exactly Jim "complements" John's style.
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[User Picture]From: eunuch_dreams
2007-05-23 07:38 am (UTC)
Not gay. Really.
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