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The New Bible Project

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How this community works [Feb. 8th, 2007|03:15 pm]
The New Bible Project

OK, the basic principle behind this community is that everything posted to it is compiled into a single mass, let's call it the 'nu-bible', at the end of every month. At the end of each month, a prophet is voted by all the scribes. I have the post of impartial vote-counter, which means that my only position is to count the votes in secret.

The prophet then appoints a leader. The prophet may decide, at the end of the month, what goes in to the bible. The leader then assembles it. The leader and prophet must change every month.

For example; let's imagine that 'crooked_heart' is voted prophet. She then chooses out of all the material posted to this community: being lazy, let us say she randomly copies and pastes one in two posts into one big mass, which she posts. She CANNOT appoint eunuch_dreams as a leader, since he is impartial, and since there are, say, three people on the community, she is forced to choose good_game_chum. Good_game_chump then gives it the look of a bible, dividing it into the 'book of Jonah', etc., and putting all the poems posted under 'psalms'.

The next month, rapper_bugzapper joins, and is voted leader. He appoints crooked_heart, who takes the last two months of material, and makes a social document on modern life that has some sort of coherent plot. He and she had beforehand arranged, in secret, that they would do this. Thus we have something like the politics of ancient Israel, where the Levites made a sect they didn't like appear as idol worshippers in the bible.

If more people join, then we can add unchangeable rules ('commandments'), rules that the leader can break ('covenants'), people being voted head scribes, and more interesting changes. Above all, as I have before said, it is down to your interpretation, and the more you bring to it, the better. Bible-bashers, atheists, people who would simply like to make a time capsule of what these times were like, anarchists, conservatives, or just writers who would like to participate in a sort of never-ending story; everyone is welcome.
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The New Bible Project [Oct. 22nd, 2006|08:12 am]
The New Bible Project

Hello, my name is Jonah. I decided to start this project after reading on Wikipedia how the Old Testament can be traced down to seven different writers, each with a different philosophy and interpretation of God.

Although I am an atheist, I have a great interest in religion from a creative point of view, because religious faith inspires people the way nothing else can. I wanted to start a project of a few writers writing something which could then be synthesised in the way that the bible was created. You don't have to write about God, and if you do, then 'God' could represent your philosophy in the same way that it did for those writers in the old days.

Mainly, I consider the Bible to be the greatest work of literature Man has ever created; and I wondered how it would be if modern people wrote stories, fictional or otherwise, within a cohesive direction that the Bible offers.

The central aspect of this experiment, however, is that it is your interpretation.
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